Foundation Board Members

Dr. Gurdev Singh Khush: Chairman of the Board. Dr. Khush is a plant geneticist; he led the rice breeding program at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines for 35 years. For his contributions to the Green Revolution, he has received several international awards including The World Food Prize.

Dr. Harwant Kaur Khush: Vice Chairman of the Board. Harwant’s expertise is in Education and Management. She has taught in India and the Philippines.

Dr. Darshan Singh Brar: Secretary of the Board and the former Head of the Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology Division at IRRI, where he served for 25 years as a Plant geneticist and Molecular Biologist. Dr. Brar is now an Adjunct Professor of Biotechnology at PAU.

Dr. Kuldeep Singh: Treasurer of the Board. Dr. Kuldeep Singh is a Professor of Molecular Genetics and Director of Biotechnology at the Punjab Agricultural University and a principal member of the International Wheat Genomics Project.

Dr. Sardara Singh Johl: An internationally known agricultural economist. He served as FAO expert in Iran, Vice-Chancellor of the Punjabi University, Patiala, Chairman of Agricultural Prices Commissions, Government of India, and is now Chancellor of Central University, Bhatinda.

Dr. Baldev Singh Dhillon: Vice-Chancellor, PAU ( Ex-officio Member). Formerly he served as Director of National Bureau of Plant Genetics Resources in New Delhi and Director of Research at PAU.

Mr. Amrik Singh Gill: An Agriculturist. He served as a manager of Tea Estates in South India, and as a General Manager of the Bombay Burma Trading Company. Mr. Gill has also acted as an Agricultural Consultant to the Government of Botswana.

Mr. Kahan Singh Pannu (IAS): An outstanding administrator and has served as Secretary of various Punjab Government Departments and as a Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar District. At present, he is serving as the Managing Director of the Punjab Agro. Export Corporation. He is an alumnus of the Punjab Agriculture University.

Dr. Ranjit Singh: Former Director Extension Education and Communication Center, and Dean College of Agriculture at the Punjab Agricultural University. He is an outstanding journalist and contributes articles to local and national newspapers. He has also written several books.

Dr. Ranjiv Singh Khush: Executive Director of the Aquaya Institute, an independent research organization focused on water quality and access in developing countries.