Plant Breeding for Food Security: The Global Impact of Plant Genetics in Rice Production

Conference Room at the Plant Reproductive Biology Building at UCD

On Thursday May 28th, the Plant Breeding Center, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute, hosted the Plant Breeding for Food Security symposium. The symposium focused on the global impact of plant genetics to rice production in honor of the work of UC Davis Alumnus and Adjunct Professor, Dr. Gurdev Khush. Over 200 guests came from all over the world to attend the day-long symposium to discuss the advances of global production in rice, wheat, and tomato, the future obstacles that face an ever-growing world population, and the technologies that will revolutionize farming and food production.

The symposium concluded with a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the Gurdev Khush Conference Room in the Plant Reproductive Biology building. Several members of the Khush family attended, along with many of Dr. Khush’s colleagues and fans. UC Davis faculty spoke at the dedication, including Chair of the Plant Sciences Department, Chris van Kessel, Drs. Kent Bradford and Alan Bennett, and Gurdev Khush himself. (Amanda Pietras)


Drs. Kent Bradford, Gurdev Khush and Alan Bennett