Khush Donates Research Fund to The Punjab Agricultural University

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World-renowned rice breeder and geneticist Dr. Gurdev Singh Khush donated Rs.3.5 crore equivalent to US$0.75 million to the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana on the occasion of its convocation ceremony on 15th Jan 2009. The amount will be used to strengthen research work at the University. This amount has been accumulated from the prize money of various international awards which he has received to date…

World Food Prize Laureate
January 28, 2009 – – 1996 World Food Prize Laureate Gurdev Khush has donated 35 million rupees (roughly $717,000) to Punjab Agricultural University, his alma mater. Dr. Khush made the announcement on January 15 while delivering the convocation address at the university’s College of Agriculture. Dr. Khush’s donation comes from the money he has accumulated from his various international awards, including the World Food Prize…


Commenting on his life work, Dr. Cantrell, Director of the International Rice Research Institute said, “While Dr. Khush’s name may have passed the lips of many, his life’s work has passed lips of almost half the humanity”. Renowned Indian agricultural scientist and one of the fathers of the Green Revolution Dr. MS Swaminathan paid tribute to Dr. Khush by saying: Dr. Khush combines remarkable capacities in both theoretical and practical work, and is a role model for all young scientists.’

Sikh History

Sikh scientists such as Dr. Gurdev Singh Khush is the pride of all Khalsa. Dr. Gurdev Singh Khush with his dedication and hard work developed more than 200 varieties of Rice. These modern rice varieties helped avert a major catastrophe in recent world history. What was the catastrophe averted? The advancement of an explosion in world population without an equal explosion in the world’s food supply…


Dr. Gurdev Singh Khush is an agronomist and geneticist who, along with Dr. Henry Beachell, received the 1996 World Food Prize for his achievements in enlarging and improving the global supply of rice during a time of exponential population growth.

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